Collaboration Elaboration

“Monsters lead such interesting lives.”

Quoted by ‘My Hero,’ Bugs Bunny.


Bugs always met others who were not willing to collaborate. Imagine if the ‘other guy’ worked with Bugs and not against him… how much more they could accomplish, whether it’s surviving on a desert island, taking a road trip to Albuquerque, or writing a blog. Simple, right? Well, that depends.

Collaboration is an interesting monster. Something completely foreign to me, but I am enjoying the process. Bugs is a character and so am I, or so I’ve been told. My ‘Cartoonus Operendi’ would be Tangent Girl. Able to have 5 conversations with the same person all at once.

Leslie writes with sophistication, and I write in a simpler fashion. We work well together since the multiple characters benefit from our different styles. Leslie is ‘pomme de terre’ whereas I am simply ‘potato,’ a sweet potato but potato nonetheless.

Not the couch variety but hey, it happens from time to time.

In fact we’re collaborating right now. We’re using TeamViewer software because it lets us share the same screen. The bonus is it’s lightweight and free.

Here’s the link if you’re interested:

TeamViewer at CNet’s

“Leslie here: we’re demonstrating collaboration on this post, invisibly all along, but now with new improved Quotes ™ added. When I chime in, quotation marks will envelop my words.”

“I think what I love most about collaboration is that I let down my defenses so I can hear another person’s ideas. In this way Andrea and I can create our best possible writing.”

I think what I like most is the silliness that happens throughout the process. It makes those days that are tedious more enjoyable. I’m excited when we go through what we’ve written and tweak it together, weaving two styles into one without stepping on each other’s toes. It can be a delicate process, and we’re learning all the time. We’ve come a long way as human beings and do our best to leave our egos at the door.

“The process of growing as human beings continues. We check in with each other’s state and self-care because we know how easy it is to push ourselves beyond what’s best for our health. We have challenges in that and other departments. We have to schedule our time in conscious chunks in order to do our best work, stopping before our brains turn to mush.”

“As to what you said earlier about our egos, Andrea, I think it’s true that we make our best  effort. Happily, it’s getting easier as we continue. It’s all about the listening. Not just hearing the words, but listening to our own impressions as well as each other’s. The work we do on ourselves benefits the project as it helps us grow. It’s the very opposite of a vicious cycle. I call it the Slinky™ construction theory (S.C.T.), where each time we head back around to familiar territory, we’re up one level.”

Speaking of collaboration, we just collaborated right before your very eyes. It was behind the scenes. Being a potato, a simple carbohydrate, I didn’t understand this so-called Slinky™ theory and asked for collaboration elaboration. ‘Construction’ was added for my clarification.

It comes down to balance and reining in one another. It’s very important to actually enjoy the person you are working with.

“I’m grateful for when these three things happen:

  1. I like my writing partner. That’s you, Andrea, who also spots things I miss.
  2. We make each other laugh.
  3. At least one of us knows how much fun to have if it gets too serious, or how much serious to add if we have too much fun. The roles switch back and forth between us. That’s because of the balance you mentioned before.”

“What would you say is the most important point of this post, Anj?”

It takes interesting monsters and heroes to craft a good story and a great life.


“Thank you for reading along with us. Today is our launch day. We are excited to start. Our intention is to publish new content on Wednesdays and Sundays. It will be written by one or both of us.”